Casting takes Centre Stage: MW in The Photographer magazine

Feature on my work and route into photography, in the new edition of The Photographer, magazine of the British Institute of Professional Photograph (BIPP).

905721_10153127983043522_7795762315069063951_oA few weeks ago, I was lucky enough to be the subject of a full-length feature in the British Institute of Professional Photograph (BIPP)‘s quarterly magazine ‘ The Photographer.

Editor Jonathan Briggs came to visit me at the studio in January, the day after I got back from a month in New Zealand, and somehow managed to piece together a coherent 13 page article from the stream of mumbling I gave him in response to his insightful questioning.

As well as 10 beautifully-printed images, covering the span of my practice – from headshots to theatre and film posters, to personal projects – the article also covered my route into photography and the way my business has developed in the last five years.

bipp-cover-michael-wharleyIt was a honour to be featured in the mag, which I’ve read throughout my career as a photographer, often enviously viewing the beautiful work of other photographers.

And if, as a portraitist who spends a lot of time quietly assessing clients to put them at their ease and get the best shots, it was an unusual experience to have the tables turned, it was still fascinating to see how the business looks to an outside eye, and definitely made me take a step back to plan my next five years.

10/04/2015 MW