What’s in a ‘Look’?

Create a powerful portfolio where each headshot makes a memorable statement about you

Think of a ‘look’ as a carefully composed scene or setup with lighting, backdrop, atmosphere and objective. I select setups that work for you: your physical attributes like skintone, facial structure and hair type and the work ambitions you’ve described. I help you make the right choices of top. I help you to act for camera by directing you to achieve subtle variety of mood and expression. A classic ‘look’ might start classic but evolve to ‘today’. We might do a quick top change or parting change to vary the feel. But we focus together. Then we strike the setup, change hair and outfit, and make another set of choices. This process creates contrasting striking portraits that capture you and subtly hint at your casting types.

In my experience, 3 contrasting ‘looks’, with each shot making a striking statement about you & your casting, adds up to a powerful portfolio.