Spotlight on… a ghostly location shoot in London

Getting the feeling we’re not alone on a location photography shoot in London’s Brick Lane…


I was shooting for a client recently at the wonderful period property 4 Princelet Street, just off Brick Lane in London, and got the feeling I wasn’t alone..

I wasn’t, in fact. Because it is so versatile, this early Georgian gem is forever popping up on TV and film – last spotted yesterday on an episode of ‘That Mitchell and Webb Look’ – and I had such a great team with me that it seemed a waste not to shoot a personal project too.

I’d been playing round with the idea of a haunted house, and was envisaging creating something to suggest past events by combining two shots of a room, but when I saw the mirror, the vague ideas coalesced rather nicely.

Top improvisation marks must go to the model & actress Alexa Brown, who brought my vague direction to life beautifully, and the supreme makeup skills of Chris Dennis, and hair skills of Petar Dragicevic, of  Glass Hair Salon, who created mystery and magic from a few Wharley mumblings.

Thanks also to the invaluable assistant Vincent Whiteman, who wielded lights and always has a creative thought to share when I run dry, and to Tom Lovatt, who worked the wind machine to perfection!

Check out the gallery below for some of the other shots from the day…

For any  technically-minded reader, the room’s shot with the ambient light, and the model with a a beauty dish key light, heavy on the wind machine, and a snooted effects light for hair.


20/01/2014 MW


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